For us, BeSpoke collection is an art experimentation, design play and artistic exploration. Come from an artistic family,  our leading designer Rachel has a unique approach to the jewellery design, one that is not in any other traditional ways. She also has Master of Design degree at College of Fine Arts-University of NSW, and she’s also a member of The Gemmological Association of Australia.

Along with her expert knowledge of all kind of gems and precious stones, Rachel draws her inspiration from mother of nature and classic architecture. She then founds all aspects together, mold them into a unique style.

With Rachel’s inspired vision and passionate, the design process for each be loved BeSpoke pieces are promising and fulfilling for both client and designer. From the initial discussions, throughout production, then to the completion of each piece – all Bespoke collection resulting in a gratifying and personal experience.

We also insure the quality, craftsmanship and originality for each individual design. All pieces are handcrafted with love to stand the test of time – Whether it is for engagement/wedding or just a daily wear gift to yourself.