Rae Gallery was found by our leading designer who comes from an artistic family in 2011, Rachel Tsao has a natural desire for design and innovation. With a background in Master of Design degree at College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, and as a member of The Gemmological Association of Australia, Rachel has generated expert knowledge of all gems and precious stones.

She was inspired by her surrounding architecture surrounding and the ethos within. Combine with the unique lines of Architecture, all of our pieces truly expressed core concept of Rachel’s design – fine jewellery with fashion, yet everyday wear.

With her love for Mother Nature, each pieces was beautifully man-crafted. Every pieces of jewellery  are made of timelessness of precious metals and the luminescence of semi-precious stones, that will be valued throughout each customer’s lifetime.

Rachel sometimes also will do cross over design lines with other major minor or stone company. For example, our Opal Atelier Collection, which is the first boutique line offering an unrivalled collections of jewellery that combining design, Asutralian craftsmanship and gem cutting quality into one piece, showcasing a vast array of exceptional Australian Opals and silver.